The Touch of Bali using natural, fresh prepared organic products


* Bali Massage * (60 Minutes) Rp. 150.000

The Bali Massage is handed down through generations with a medium pressure and The massage from head to toe

* Royal Bali Massage 4 Hands (60 minutes) Rp. 250.000

The Royal Bali Massage is traditional deep pressure Massage-two therapists Work Simultaneously to stimulate you muscles, the work on nerve part ways and encourage Blood circulation throughout the body This Massage help to relieve stress and tension and promotes a sense of balance and wellbeing

* Wellbeing Massage (90 Minutes) Rp. 200.000

The Wellbeing Massage is a personalized massage. We use a Combination of Traditional massage techniques and acupressure. Feel completely refreshed as all Tension have been magically massaged away

* Back Or Leg Massage (30 Minutes) Rp. 100.000

Too often our body endures great exertions : long office hours and desk work Leading to severe back pain, lack of Magnesium or long standing periods leading to Leg cramps and tensions. A simple back or leg massage help to eliminate tensions And revitalize and these weight – bearing parts of the body.

** BODY **

* Body scrub Mask ( 30 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

Lie back on the massage table and get ready for a relaxing, revitalizing experience. Your Therapist rubs the aromatic scrub into your skin, removing dead skin cell and leaving your skin velvety soft.

*Clay Body Mask ( 30 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

Protects and nourishes your skin with clay, yoghurt and honey. Our special Clay Body mask can improve toning of the epidermis and at the same time refine skin.

*Cool Balance ( 30 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

This absolutely wonderful cooling treatments is the ultimate remedy against sunburn irritated skin as it spoils with additional moisture. Very cold and freshly pureed organic cucumber and homemade yoghurt will be spread on your whole body to revitalize and rebalance your skin.

*Aloe Vera Body Wrap ( 30 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

After excessive sun expour aloe vera body wrap is a marvelous treatments to remosture and refresh your skin.

Papaya Body Wrap ( 30 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

Papaya contains papain, a specific enzyme that is widely regarded as meat tenderizer in the food industry. Our special papaya body wrap made of organic papaya leaves helps to soften end revitalize your skin.


*Sun Repair Package ( 60 Minutes ) Rp. 200.000

Cucumber Body Wrap, papaya body wrap, 20 minutes soft balance massage.

*Taruna Package ( 100 Minutes ) Rp. 290.000

Bali Massage 60 Minutes , body scrub 20 minutes, body mask 20 minutes.

*Deluxe Package ( 130 Minutes ) Rp. 350.000

Well being Massage 90 minutes,body scrub 20 minutes,body mask 20 minutes


*Natural Facial ( 60 Minutes ) Rp. 150.000

All ingredients are based on natural, fresh prepared organic products. This treatments help to brighten the skin, calm breakout, and soften the appearance of fine lines. Includes face, neck and décolleté massage.

*Cream bath Hair Repair ( 60 Minutes ) Rp. 150.000

All ingredients are based on natural product, it provides the hydration and protection necessary for the beauty and healthy of your hair. A mixture of fresh Aloe Vera and our special cream will be massaged into your hair and scalp. Your hair will be wrapped with a towel for improved activation of the ingredients, during this time you receive a relaxing shoulder and neck massage.

** HAND & FEET **

*Manicure ( 60 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

This treatments includes hands bath, a sensitive scrub exfoliation to soothe the hands followed by a pampering moisturizing massage. Your nails will be polished to perfection with your choice of care or coloured polish.

*Pedicure ( 60 Minutes ) Rp. 125.000

This treatments includes the signature footbath, a sensitive and invigorating scrub to soothe your feet, a pampering moisturizing foot massage to leave your velvety-smooth. Cuticles will be removed and nails polished to perfection with your choice of care or coloured polish.

** YOGA **

*Ashtanga Yoga ( 60 minutes), start at 07.00 am

Price :

1 pax : IDR 200.000,-

2 pax : IDR 300.000,-

3 pax : IDR 350.000,-

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois ( 1915 – 2009 ). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures – a process producing intense internal heat and profuse, purifying sweet that detoxifies and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind.


• Air conditioned room

• Traditional Balinese pavilion with ceiling fan

• Hot & Cool out door shower

• Coffee table

• Water fountains


• Jasmine oil

• Frangipani oil

• Rose oil


After the treatment, you will be given a refreshment towel and also will be served a refreshing healthy organic drink of ginger tea with pandan leaf to sip as it will improve your blood circulation.

All prices are subject to 10% government tax & 10% service charge.

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